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Our philosophy

Our philosophy for Musique montreal involves creating a supportive and understanding environment for music learning. We have the facilities as well as the skilled staff members to provide music lessons in exciting and comparable format. Whether you’ve never played an estimate before or you are interested in learning how to read music for the first time, we have programs which are designed to build skills for beginners and even create advanced level musicians.

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Our music programs

Our music programs are designed for children and adults of all ages. We offer fully customized private lessons that can be easily adapted to your or your child’s needs. But for those who want to experience music in groups we also lessons such as Rockband, Ensemble of violinists, Music initiation, Theory and more! In the fun musical environment, students get to play favorite pieces together, and learn how to perform in the group. All our teachers hold musical degree, therefore can provide instructions at any level!

Our music introduction program for the little ones includes the use of many percussion instruments to learn about  the rhythm, as well as a base understanding of music theory. They dance, they sing, they play and most of all they have fun! This is a wonderful program to get kids involved in a musical journey!

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