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Quebec Music School

Early music education built on over 35 years of experience.

Our philosophy

Our overall goal was to create a comfortable and supportive environment for all of our students. We want to build a space where kids will feel safe to experiment with new musical instruments and confident in their ability to share and grow musically. We put together a group of the best music teachers and created a space that was perfect for one-on-one learning, lessons and small group sessions.

Here kids can take their first step into music and build knowledge that can provide them with a lifetime of wonderful experiences in music. We want to make these programs accessible and fun for kids of all ages.

Our vision:

We want to be the premiere early childhood musical choice for Montreal. We will continue to expand our capabilities and our venue to improve the experience for parents and children.

Our mission:

We want to inspire and educate our students and keep them excited to build their knowledge of music.

Our values:

We believe that music is a voice that lies within us all. By learning more about how to share this voice and express ourselves through music, we can unlock a new form of artistic expression that can help manage stress, connect with others and help us continue creating through a lifetime of learning. We are very passionate about having the ability to share this voice with others and help them unlock their talents to share their own unique musical voice too.


Our philosophy for Musique montreal involves creating a supportive and understanding environment for music learning. We have the facilities as well as the skilled staff members to provide music lessons in exciting and comparable format. Whether you’ve never played an estimate before or you are interested in learning how to read music for the first time, we have programs which are designed to build skills for beginners and even create advanced level musicians.

We strongly believe in sharing our passion for music and for developing this passion and form of expression and others. Your musical voice can develop over lessons and it’s possible to discover not only a new hobby but an entirely new form of expression through these lessons. Our philosophy is one of excitement and passion in music and we are extremely excited to share this with our students. Our staff have a plan for building future musicians and creating programs that can deliver a quality knowledge base for those are interested in going into musical education or simply playing music for a hobby.

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