Our music programs

We have a wealth of different programs available at this Montréal music school. With classes suited perfectly to students who are beginners in music theory as well as advanced classes for musicians that are interested in picking up a new instrument or advancing their knowledge of a single instrument, we can provide instruction at every level.

Our music introduction program includes the use of many practice instruments as well as a base understanding of music theory. This is a wonderful program to get kids involved with early on to start making some noise and getting more comfortable with music/notation.

We have programs in Piano, Guitar, Violin, Vocals, Music Theory and more. Many of our programs include the chance for program ending concerts and recitals that give students a chance to perform, competition entries in musical performances across Canada and the United States as well as the chance for scholarships that could help aspiring music students live their college or university dream.


(Starting at 4 years old)

Piano is a great instrument to start the musical journey. It helps to develop your ear, it is easier to start, and you will be able to produce good sound after just few classes. Therefore, we offer piano starting from four years of age. We can help kids at this young age make their way through various grades of piano knowledge.
Piano practice, boosts cognitive and intellectual abilities, it makes your child smarter and it activates similar parts of the brain used for spatial reasoning and math. Studying piano has also been shown to improve memory, build good habits like focus and perseverance. Regular music practice at an early age can even make structural changes to the brain that stays with you for the rest of your life, making your brain more efficient.

What you need

  • Piano or Keyboard
  • Books

Acoustic Guitar * Electric Guitar * Bass Guitar * Ukulele

(Starting at 6 years old)

Apprendre à jouer la guitare pourrait être amusant et enrichissant pour votre enfant. Non seulement ils apprendront à maîtriser l’instrument à un rythme plus rapide que celui de l’adulte, la guitare reste un choix très populaire chez les enfants. De la maîtrise de techniques simples à la composition de leur première pièce de guitare, il s’agit d’un programme qui répond aux intérêts de l’étudiant tout en jouissant des nombreux bienfaits de la musique.

What you need

  • Guitar
  • Guitar Case
  • Tunner
  • Books

Violin * Electric violin * Viola

(Starting at 4 years old)

Violin is one of the most beautiful instruments, both to look at and to listen to! If you are thinking about taking violin lessons you will be surprised of how many benefits it will bring to your child. Learning to play the violin requires discipline, concentration, and dexterity. However, violin is not one of the most comfortable instruments to play therefore it is also important to pay attention at the proper position of the hands and posture. A lot of students come to our school with bad or incorrect hand positioning, that could essentially case tendinitis and back pain. Therefore, it is very important to have a professional to look after your child when starting violin.

What you need

  • Violin
  • Shoulder Rest
  • Bow
  • Violin Case
  • Books


(Starting at 6 years old)

Voice is one of the most delicate instruments. If you sing the wrong way, you seriously strain or injure your vocal cords and if it is damaged early in life it could remain damaged for the rest of your life. Therefore, for your children, whose vocal cords are not fully developed yet, it is critical to have a professional vocal coach.  Our voice teachers will teach you how to warm up your voice, how to breath properly while singing and how to enunciate and articulate the words clearly. Whether you are looking to make singing into a career or simply a hobby, professional singing lessons can help you to achieve your goals.

What you need

  • Books


(starting at 7 or as long as your child can reach the pedal)

Did you know that drums are one of the oldest instruments, and has carried the same shape for thousands of years?

Percussion is an exciting and health boosting activity for its ability to alleviate modern day stress. Drumming promotes tempo intrinsically acquired from ancient humans. No matter your ability level, playing the drums is a highly enjoyable way of awakening primitive rhythms. Skills that your child will develop are: limb independence, eye-hand coordination and good sense of rhythm.

What you need

  • Drums
  • Books

Wind Instruments: Flute * Saxophone * Clarinet * Recorder

(Starting at 3 years old)

Wind instruments used to be made of wood. You play them by blowing air through the mouthpiece and opening or closing the holes with your fingers to change the pitch. That is how the name woodwind got stuck with this instrument family. Today, they are made of wood, metal, plastic or some combination. Interesting note: Saxophone may look like a brass instrument, but it is played like clarinet and therefore it is a woodwind instrument! Also, all brass instruments are blown against a cup-shaped mouthpiece, the saxophone on the other hand uses a reed mouthpiece.

What you need

  • Wind Instrument
  • Case
  • Books


(Starting at 6 years old)

The school would like to draw your attention to the importance of music theory (solfège). As professional musicians, we can assure you that learning how to play a piece will be easier for the student who masters music notation than one who lacks knowledge in the subject.  Music theory simplifies the task of the teacher and the student alike.
Some of the advantages include:
1. Music theory will enable reading from sheet music
2. Music theory will enable composing and recording of own music
3. Music theory will enable practicing autonomously
4. Music theory will enable development of the pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony and orchestration.We encourage all students to take part!

Inquire about the next session, we would love to help.

Music Initiation

(From 3 yeard old - 5 years old)

Quebec Music School offers courses in music initiation for children 3 to 5 years old. Through fun activities, such as dance, songs, and rhymes, young children are introduced to the fundamentals of music, such as rhythms and sounds. By choosing Quebec Music School for your music initiation course, your children will have the opportunity to learn the basics of music while having fun and socializing with other children. This is the perfect activity to develop their memory as well as cognitive and social skills. Indeed, musical initiation strengthens memorization and concentration, while allowing your children to learn to better express themselves.

Contact us now to register your child for our current music initiation course.


(Starting at 7 years old)

Have you ever dreamed of being part of a band? Well, now you can! Students are paired at similar levels to jam together and perform. In a friendly environment, students are submerged in various styles while perfecting their playing skills. Practice sessions are held weekly and are facilitated by one of our experienced teachers. Call us to register!


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